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A beautiful woman and a wife of rumors, serious life with Yurie Minamizawa! When I sent a seniors who was drunk, I had plenty of black hair and plenty of wife. When talking about the couple’s life, “My husband seems to have gotten tired of lately” … his wife is a bit lazy. Do not let such a beauty man feel such a thing! … so that if you look at the ass and pussy wrapped in the pantyhose, a plump body will appear! If you touch a little pussy it gets wet in the bicycle It seems that he was frustrated, a massive ejaculation if he gets a handsome man! If you thrust a meat stick, you will feel pleasant with the pleasure of female for the first time in a female nature, his ecstatic expression is exciting mandatory!

美人と噂の奥様、南澤ゆりえとの本気生本番! 泥酔した先輩を送ってきたら、黒髪の色気たっぷり奥さんとあった。夫婦生活についての話になると「最近主人も飽きちゃったみたいで・・・」とちょっとしょんぼりする奥さん。こんな美人にそんな思いをさせてはいけない!・・・ということで、パンストに包まれたお尻やオッパイをもんでみたら、豊満なイイ身体が登場!ちょっとマンコを弄ればビッショビショに濡れちゃうほど欲求不満だった様で、ガンガン手マンすれば大量潮吹き! 肉棒を突っ込めば久しぶりの快感でメスの本性丸出しで喘ぐ奥様、その恍惚とした表情は興奮必須です!


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